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Memoria investigación UMH 2015 I+D


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The Memoria de Investigación del año 2015 cifra en más de 11.7 million euros UMH 2015 research resources.

The Vice President of Research and Innovation of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche (Spain) and the Service’s Management of the Research-otri (SGI-OTRI) have developed this document. It refers to the amount of resources captured by the Alicante University. These amount to a total of 11.783.187,19 euros. Almost 20% more than in the year 2014.

The online Report of 2015 has been the predominant at this time and it can be currently found at the link below:

What are UMH research resources at 2015 quantity based on?

If we talking about quantity, about 11.783.187,19 euros were collected byTeaching and Research Personnel (TRP) the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) in the year 2015.
You can check the numbers in this link:, 8.628.504,41€ arise from the Competitive R & D; €2.148.979,72 belong to R & D contracted and established with entities of the public sector as well as private sector. While about €1.005.703,06 correspond to research grants.

In 2015:

  • 11 patents, have been requested
  • it has been defending 193 Phd doctoral theses
  • and over 1,200 scientific articles in national and international journals of high impact factor have been recently published.

The increase in resources in research (around 20% with respect to the proceeds during the 2014 Edition) is determined essentially by:

  • The increase in the uptake of research funds + competitive development, which mainly double the figures obtained in the previous year.

Moreover, the increase in the number of Phd doctoral theses read and defended by 2015, about 40% is also significant. And it has gone from 137 read thesis in 2014 to 193 corresponding to the 2015 edition.

UMH Research resources at 2015

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