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ECOES UMH Medicina


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ECOES. Objective and Structured Clinical Evaluation Tests.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) has carried out tests of cynical objective assessment and structured (ECOES).

Who participated in the UMH ECOES?

About 117 students of the Department of Clinical Medicine conducted those tests. Between days 11 and 12 June were developed in the facilities of the University Hospital of Sant Joan d’Alacant (Spain).

Who organized the the UMH Objective and Structured Clinical Evaluation Tests?

Antonio Compañ, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the UMH, and José Manuel Ramos, professor of Medicine of UMH, were coordinators on this occasion.

The students of Medicine of UMH had to overcome compulsorily a series of stages to finish the studies of Medicine.

What were the UMH ECOES about?

The ECOES were structured in 20 stations consisting of:

  • medical activities simulating real clinical situations.
  • mannequins,
  • simulated patients,
  • structured issues,
  • possibility of joint assessment of the promotion,
  • ananalysis of different skills, etc.

This set of activities also have a formative character enabling student self-evaluation and great feedback.

Their results allow students get a personal assessment of their competencies and identify strengths as well as weaknesses.

For its part, is key to the professors of the Department of Clinical Medicine of UMH when preparing a guide to orientation towards students; establishing training needs and strengthening identification with the health sciences. In this set of tests objective, ECOES, the student must prove the set of competencies acquired in different parameters.

  • anamnesis,
  • physical examination,
  • diagnostic and therapeutic, management,
  • technical and communication skills,
  • health education,
  • interprofessional relations
  • and bioethics.

About 137 people have been necessary for these tests of Objective and Structured Clinical Evaluation, ECOES: evaluators, standardized patients, actors and actresses, logisticians, professors from other universities and computer.

In addition, about 27 professors designed the stations, supervised by a Committee of 7 experts.

ECOES University Miguel Hernández

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