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Combatiendo la Diabetes desde la UMH vídeo


By: | Tags: , , , , | Comments: 0 | March 16th, 2015

This week, UMH TV focused on a report on diabetes, “Fighting diabetes from the UMH”.

The main goal of this issue is to highlight the work being done on a daily basis some of the professors and researchers at the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (UMH) to deal with the disease that affects nearly the 13.8% in Spain, (more than 5.3 million people), data relevant to the study [email protected], developed by CIBERDEM, corresponding only to type 2 diabetes. This figure should be added those diagnosed with diabetes type 1 in the national territory.

Diabetes is a disease affecting approximately 14% of people and that another 14% is likely to suffer in the future if it does not change their life habits. Diabetes type 1, which is an autoimmune disease can hold external contaminants such as Bisphenol. Located in many plastics to which all have access almost every day. In the report we will check existing relationship between obesity and diabetes type 1, the most widespread among children and young adults, and the diabetes type 2, specially developed to the elderly. In addition, the report speaks with athletes and astronauts who are subject to thorough research of specialists of the UMH, where are them established feeding so his illness together in the most natural way possible with their daily occupations.


Watch the full video “Fighting diabetes from the UMH”:




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