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Proyecto de intervención plástica UMH ilustración Hospital Vega Baja Orihuela


By: | Tags: , , , , , | Comments: 0 | November 30th, 2017

The artistic project UMh “The forest of the second floor” UMH illustrates the Pediatric Services of the Hospital Vega Baja in Orihuela.Professors and students involved in the artistic work of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University Miguel Hernández.

Lateral façade Hospital Vega Baja Orihuela

Who integrates the UMH plastic renewal project at the Hospital of the Vega Baja?

  • Imma Mengual, professor in the Area of Sculpture of the UMH
  • María Laúdes, student of Fine Arts at University Miguel Hernández
  • María José Zanón, associate professor in this creative initiative

All of them also have collaborated in the realization of murals art the General University Hospital of Alicante and the Hospital of Dénia. Both in Spain.

What is the artistic project UMH at the Hospital of Orihuela about?

The artistic action was done in the Alicante hospital and tries to reduce the drama of the medical context. It also create spaces of distraction by the image and the art. Next the UMH, this intervention involves shop “SolidariaShop by Asun Roca”. In addition to the Hospital Vega Baja of Orihuela and the company Titan, that provides paintings for free.

According to the authors of this proposal, the artistic project UMH under the title “The forest of the second floor” tries to transform the Pediatrics Service in an authentic forest. Trees, plants, giraffes, monkeys, stars, etc. are intended to enrich the medical and patient stays. Through the design of drawings illustrating in walls, ceilings, doors and corridors. The purpose is to establish elements of offshoring, creating a close and simple atmosphere in the Service of Pediatrics patient stay.  The artistic context is extended even to family members. And it tries to improve its accompaniment of the patient experience. The immersion in the “Forest of the second floor” will be the greatest achievement.

Hall Hospital Vega Baja Alicante artistic project UMH intervention UMH

The project has been divided into two phases. One includes: Day Hospital, consultation of Pediatric Cardiology, Control of Nursing, corridors, doors and rooms. In the first phase there are colored artwork by a “trampantojo” design, with lots of characters and funny animals. The second phase of the work belongs to inside the rooms and will be completed “The forest of the second floor”.

Comparative artistic project UMH intervention before and after

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