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Cartel Jornada Respirando Salud Alicante


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Breathing health UMH Day was held on Sunday April 15 in the Paseo of the Explanada of Spain in Alicante. Basically, to commemorate theXXV anniversary of the Society of Pneumology of Valencia (SVN). Therefore, different recreational and sports activities were organized as:

  • flight of kites
  • sport walks
  • medical advice

always under the slogan “Breathing health”.

Which professionals participated in the Breathing Health UMH Day in Alicante?

Mainly, the professor of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche, Luis Hernández Blasco. Today, the pulmonologist of the General University Hospital of Alicante is the President of the Valencian Society of Pneumology (SVN).

Luis Manuel Hernández Blasco profesor Departamento Medicina Clínica UMH y doctor Hospital Alicante participó en la Jornada Respirando Salud Alicante

In addition, members also participated in the Valencian Society of Pneumology and Pulmonology Community Foundation. Main collaborators:

  • Linde
  • Chiesi
  • Oximesa
  • Pfizer

What are the reasons to celebrate the Breathing Health UMH Day in Alicante?

The brochure of the Breathing Health UMH Day Alicante promoted by Luis Hernández Blasco UMH featured several leisure activities

This workshop was convened with the aim of raising awareness about respiratory diseases and was held April 15. Alongside the leisure activities, the Valencian Society of Pneumology also held workshops. The place chosen was the shell of the Explanada of Alicante (Spain). Mainly lectures, workshops, dances, medical advice, etc. Some of the speeches led by professionals concerned about:

  • Tips for COPD patients,
  • Let’s give up smoking,
  • Influenza A, solving your doubts,
  • I snore and have dream,
  • Living with asthma,

Earlier, in the nearby Postiguet Beach there was a flight of kites. The ceremony finished with performances by the Ballet of “Rafa Felipe” from Alicante.

How the Breathing Health UMH Day reinforces XV Congress of the Valencian Society of Pneumology

The XXV Congress of the Valencian Society of Pneumology was held on 20 and 21 April in Alicante.

More information about the Congress on the link

You can download the brochure with the activities of the day breathing health here:


Breathing health UMH Day Explanada Spain Alicante

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