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Firma convenio Cátedra Simulación Clínica UMH-ASISA


By: | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | November 5th, 2018

Chair Clinical Simulation UMH-ASISA Foundation has recently been signed by the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (Alicante) and the Foundation Asisa. This Rubric has been made through a collaboration agreement.

Dummy chair Clinical Simulation UMH-ASISA

Who has participated in the Department of Clinical Simulation UMH-ASISA Foundation?

Basically, the Convention has been signed by 2 entities:

Through the signature, the two institutions will be responsible for promoting: training, research and dissemination in the field of Clinical Simulation.

What are the purposes of the Chair Clinical Simulation UMH-ASISA Foundation?

Basically, the essential objectives of the new chair of clinical simulation UMH-Asisa Foundation are summarized in:

  • The formation,
  • Research and development
  • Knowledge transfer in the field of clinical simulation,

All this through the realization of specific training and research activities. As well as the organization of seminars, lectures or other activities of an informative character.

Telephone defibrillator Chair Clinical Simulation UMH-Asisa

What are the Chair of Clinical Simulation UMH-Asisa Foundation members?

On the one hand, Fernando Borrás, vice president of planning of the UMH and Director of the Chair-Asisa Foundation. On the other hand, Maria Tormo, as co-director, is the Director of planning and development of Asisa. Likewise, the professor of the UMH Juan Caturla Such as Secretary. Therefore, an advisory board shall be created, consisting of 8 members nominated equally by the two entities.

Semiautomatic resuscitation desfribrilator chair clinical simulation UMH-ASISA

After the signature event, it was held the constituent meeting of the Chair, which was approved both the logo and the objectives for the first year of activity.

Which other initiatives have been made in addition to the Chair Clinical Simulation UMH-ASISA Foundation?

This Chair Clinical Simulation UMH-ASISA is carried out along with other proposals for collaboration between the University Miguel Hernández and other Grup ASISA units. We can talk about:

  • the Chair of UMH-HLA Vistahermosa Reproductive Biomedicine
  • the Chair of Universal accessibility and inclusive environment Francisco Carreño

UMH, after the commitment of collaboration through the Chair Clinical Simulation, arises new challenges. Continues expansion with various medical institutions with the objective of an improvement in the training of its students. As well as enrich the activity in teaching and especially researcher. The purpose is to promote:

  • innovation
  • and modernization

in the field of the Health Sciences.

On the other hand, the Asisa Foundation, a non-profit organization created by the Asisa group, responds to its social commitment and improvement of health and quality of life. This time, it takes an important step. Its purpose is to contribute to the development of knowledge through the support of programs and agreements with the university. In addition to working closely with science and research.

Today, the Asisa Foundation has eight chairs in different Spanish universities (public or private), in different autonomous communities.
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