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By: | Tags: , , , | Comments: 0 | March 9th, 2015

The Area’s History of the Science of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (UMH) organizes the coming days of the History of Medicine and Medical Anthropology “Madness and Modernity”. Throughout the activity, different professionals

will talk issues related to the insanity and criminality, the dimension of anthropology in psychiatric diagnosis, the representation of madness in media, the history of psychiatric care, attention to mental health in the Valencian Community or what is the role of networks of Mental Health inpatient units. This Conference will take place on 4 and 5 March from 4:00 pm in the  Main Hall Francisco Javier Balmi building of Sant Joan d’Alacant UMH campus.

Holding the Conference coincides with the exhibition “Madness and Modernity”. Spaces, practices and knowledge. Also, during those days participating experts, professionals and specialists in History and Anthropology of Psychiatry as:


  • The Professor of the Area of History of Science of the UMH Enric Novella,
  • The psychiatrist and Professor in the Area of Psychiatry of the University Bartolomé Pérez Gálvez,
  • The teachers of the Rovira i Virgili University Josep Maria Comelles y Ángel Martínez Hernáez,
  • The researcher of the Superior Council of Scientific Research(CSIC) Ricardo Campos Marín.
  • And the Chief of the Psychiatry Department of the University Hospital of Sant Joan d’Alacant, Vicente Elvira Cruañes.


The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of UMH, Antonio Compañ, as responsible for closing the event along with the Professor of History of Science of the UMH, Rosa Ballester, and specialist and teacher in the field of the Mental Health Maria Angustias Oliveras.


The activity is integrated within the programming of the Inter-University Master in History of Science and Science Communication  and the Doctoral Program in Social and Historical Studies of Science, Medicine and Scientific Communication. Also has the support of the Grupo Alicante de Estudios Avanzados de Historia de la Medicina y de la Salud, UMH/UA (GADEA), by means of the Prometheus Program for Research of Excellence of the Valencian Community groups.

Students attending these conferences are granted 0,5 ECTS credits of cross-disciplinary skills for graders and, 1.2 credits of free choice for the students of degrees or diplomas.

See the program here.

Free registrations by sending an email to [email protected]

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