PhD Doctoral Programs

Department of Clinical Medicine UMH

PhD and Doctoral programs taught by the Department of Clinical Medicine UMH.

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FAQ Frequently asked questions

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1) Where can I find the specific information of the program (content, research, faculty, etc.)?
The program information is available on the website:

2) Who can I contact if I have any questions?
For general questions please contact the administrators of the Department of Public Health, History of Science, and Gynecology, Joaquín García Aldeguer, on the phone 34 96 591 95 06, o by e-mail: [email protected]; and María José Ramírez, on the phone 34 96 591 92 72, or by e-mail: [email protected]

For specific questions about the lines of research, you can contact the Coordinator of the Program, Dr. Ildefonso Hernández Aguado, por e-mail: [email protected], or to the Deputy Coordinator, Dra. Blanca Lumbreras Lacarra, by e-mail: [email protected]

For questions concerning the registration process you can contact the Management Service of Studies [Master Unit and Doctorate] and can contact with D. Antonio Guerrero Sotoca, at 34 96 665 8598, or by e-mail: [email protected]

3) What are the regulations that I must know?
The tate standard of application is the R.D. 992011 and its modifications.
The specific rule of the University is the “Phd Doctorate Studies Regulations”.
You can ask them at this link:

4) What requirements I must meet to be able to apply for admission to a Phd doctoral program?
Ask the requirements in web:


5) How can I make my application in the program?
Online pre-registration can be done from July 15 to September 30 (the pre-registration period will remain open in the event that there are vacancies).
Pre-registration may be made through the following web link:

6) What documentation do I have to carry once the online pre-registration have been made?
When the online application gets a shelter which indicates which documents to submit. In any case, you can also check on the website:

In addition, it is important to send the following information:

If you have already started a thesis project you must attach a summary of the project, indicating the background, objectives, methodology, current status, bibliography and if he is funded. You must also have to indicate what Director is managing the project, and should not be a professor of those who make up this program (see them on the web:)

you’ll have to attach a Curriculum Vitae of the Director proposed.

If you don’t have any thesis project yet, you must indicate which line of research would like to develop it and propose your address from among the professors who belong to our program (see the link in the previous paragraph).

7) Where I can submit the documentation and on what deadlines?
The documentation may be either general or auxiliary registres of the University Miguel Hernández (there is one registry on each campus). In case you can not move it could be sent by registered mail to the following postal address:

Registro General
University Miguel Hernández
Edificio Rectorado y Consejo Social
Avda. Universidad, s/n
03202 Elche (Alicante, Spain)

The deadline to submit documentation is from July 15 to September 30. This term will remain open in the event that there are vacancies. Given the limited number of vacancies that has the program and registered great demand, it is convenient to deliver the documentation as soon as possible.


8) Who decides on my admission into the program?
This is responsability of the academic Commission of the PhD program.

9) What criteria apply the Academic Committee to select candidates for the program?
The General and specific criteria have been verified by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain, and you can find them in the link:

In addition, the Academic Committee or the coordinator may request an interview with the candidates. The affinity of the research proposals that each candidate in relation to the lines of research that offers the program will be valued in the interview.

10) Do I have todo some formative complement prior to registration?

The regulation require you to have sufficient training in research techniques in order to develop the Phd thesis, and therefore, the Academic Commission requires such training.
Basically it is got in the official master’s degree or doctorate programmes previously. If you can not prove that formation (methodology of research, design protocols, scientific documentation), the Academic Committee may require to perform a training complement prior to registration. Miguel Hernández University offers this through training a 6-credit ECTS online course. To carry out this course please contact:

D. Antonio Guerrero Sotoca
Servicio de Gestión de Estudios
Tfno: 34 96 665 8598
E-mail: [email protected]

11) How can I know if my application has been admitted?
The Academic Committee communicates admission to studies of management service, and this sends a direct communication to the honoree, with instructions to perform online registration.
REGISTRATION: The registration period is from 1 to 30 October. This term will remain open in the event that there are vacancies.

12) What I have in mind when I register?

Debe elegir una opción de dedicación:
a) Full time. The maximum period to read the thesis is 3 years from the registration is formalized.

b) Part-time. The maximum term in this case is 5 years. To apply for the dedication on partial time you have to prove the situation that does not allow you to perform full time PhD (work, studies, family situation, etc.).

13) How much are tuition fees?
For the course set itself an annual rate of 300,00 €uros.


14) What should I do?
The academic Committee shall appoint him his tutor and director.

Important considerations about the direction of the thesis:

The thesis should be addressed by at least one professor of those belonging to the program.

You can have a second Director, Doctor, professor or not. Exceptional cases may include a third Director, Doctor, but at least one of the three may not be a professor. In the latter case you should justify it properly.

From the moment in which directors is assigned to you (you will receive an electronic communication) you have 3 months to introduce your Research Plan in the application of monitoring of the Program of Doctorate.

The online monitoring of PhD application is accessed in the same way as for online registration:

It is accessed through the UMH website:

By pressing the button:

When you are asked to identify you should show the user (number of) DNI/NIE/PASSAPORT, without the letter) and your password (which provide for online registration). Once inside your profile should seek the link Monitoring of PhD Doctoral.
Once completed the three months the application closes this section and your tutor must then validate the Research Plan (tutors and directors have access to the application in the same way, but with a different role) within a period of 15 days.

In addition, after writing the Research Plan in the application you must present it in public before a Commission of professors of the program, and to the rest of the Phd doctoral students of the program.

These presentations are made in public session which convenes the programme on a regular basis.

About the Research Plan:

With an advance of at least one week presentation should be sent to the Department, by email to [email protected], or to [email protected] the document of the Research Plan.

The public presentation will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes (10 for the exhibition and 10 for questions) and will consist of the following parts:

a) Background research showing soon as the scientific knowledge available in the area that is intended to investigate, and what are the most outstanding knowledge gaps in that same field.

b) Statement of the goals and an explicit justification of the reasons why the knowledge that is intended to generate is a significant novelty in the field of research. I.e. it must show clearly that the idea of research is original and has relevance for the generation of new knowledge, either by the innovative practical application in the health sector.

c) A brief summary of the methodology that intends to implement to achieve the objectives.
In summary: The design of the study, the criteria of inclusion and exclusion and well defined variables, justification, hypothesis of work and objectives.

This presentation of the Plan must enable the Academic Commission rating that what is proposed is a completely innovative research, making believable its communication in journals of high quality and, where applicable, their application in the fields of clinical and public health, even to produce products (patents, protocols of action, guidelines, etc.) involving a significant change in practice. In addition, and although it is a short document, must contain the most relevant aspects of the methodology, in order to assess its adequacy to the formulated objectives.

15) What activities should I do?
New Phd doctoral programs require you to perform a series of activities by annuity during time spent in the program and before reading the thesis. These activities are considered to be mandatory and must be validated by the directors tutors once you have attached proof of the accomplishment of the same to be able to be included in the reports made annually by directors and the Academic Committee of the PhD program on the progress of the thesis and the candidate.

It is recommended that the thesis was made by articles, instead of classic format (by chapter), which is also supported. It is an effort to make the results of the thesis are published in journals of important broadcasting. This thesis by articles format favours a favorable of their defense and quality outcome, since the results thereof have passed already by the review by peers including the review of the editorial of the magazine which has been published. In addition, during the first year of thesis should present a review of the current state of the question of research or hypothesis of his thesis, which could serve as a first article of the same and will lay the foundations of the theoretical framework of the same.

The activities to be performed are the following:

CROSS-CUTTING ACTIVITIES60 hours. First annuity (1st and 2nd if it is on time partial). These
activities include conferences or workshops organized by the
departments involved in the Phd doctoral programme or
related institutions, as well as offerings that are programmed
annually. Also, they can also be as activities
cross the resolution of doubts that meetings attended are
they will be programmed by the program of doctorate during the course
This activity should promote mobility of doctoral students when
possible (international meetings attended
short stays).
The evaluation is done by the assistance and
participation. They quantified the hours of
According to the presented certificate indicating
the duration of these activities.
cross-cutting activities)
20 hours. First year (first half of the 2nd if it is on time
partial). A short article (essay, short review or)
It must be completed properly the
tasks with sufficiency and write to
satisfaction the brief article. It must be
susceptible of referral to a review scientific
and should be used to analyze the
available knowledge about the project of
The writing of the brief article
shall be equivalent to the 20 hours of this activity.
45 hours. (Will be introduced in the application within the period of 3 months from the)
assignment of Director). End of first semester (second semester if it is to)
part time). Doctoral students must submit a
PhD research project and submit it to debate. The
preparation will be made by the direction and guidance of tutor and
Director of assigned thesis, as well as any equipment tutorials
research involved indirectly in the project, or
those who facilitate their preparation (identification and analysis of)
scientific documentation, methodology of health research, etc.).
The project will be presented in public sessions with the rest of the students of
the Phd doctorate, which will combine the presentation
with debate involving at least 3
professors in the program. It is obligatory the
participation in at least two sessions of
presentation of research plans (the
(own and another).
90 hours. The PhD seminars will be convened with sufficient
before the start of each academic year. Among the seminars
recommended be included not only the organized by the
departments involved but all those seminars to be
held in the UMH, associated centres or receiving institutions
stays of PhD.
Each seminar will have a preparation
prior reading of, at least, a
document on the subject of research if
the speaker has recommended it.

During the realization of the Phd doctorate is
participate in at least 90 hours of
seminars, taking into account that each
Seminar involves 3 hours (including the)
assistance and the preparation of the same). Of the
total hours of seminars to meet, they should
belonging to seminars of the program
of Phd doctorate a minimum of 54 hours (18
seminars during the period of stay
in the doctoral program). The rest of
hours may belong to seminars of
other institutions that meet the same
conditions as those described for the
seminars of the doctoral program. The
valuation of the latter will be credited
by the favorable report of the tutor or
the director.
45 hours.First and second quarters of the second annuity (third and)
(fourth quarters if part-time). The doctoral student must: 1) prepare
a report of his project which, at least, has a complete Newsroom
the background, the definition of the research question, the
objectives of the thesis, fundamental methodological aspects. The
first results, a proposal for the titles of the articles that
they will be the thesis with a perspective of the magazines or other media
where may be posted. (2) prepare the above-mentioned report on computer
with at least 2 Phd doctoral students more if there are doctoral students with related topics. 3)
Make a formal presentation of their report to the research team
in which it is integrated or its Director indicating improvements
(relevant formal and background, and 4) present the final report
a Committee formed by three professors in the program open to
all Phd doctoral students. Phd doctoral students must have delivered their
report to the tutor.
They should at least attend 5 performances
of research reports during the
time spent in the program of the
PhD. These 5 presentations can
include both defenses of the first report of
research as of the report of
monitoring (including their own).
60 hours. Second or third year (third, fourth or fifth Yes)
part time). Students who enjoy a grant of
training of researchers or their circumstances permit
(dedication and others) will invest at least one 3 month period of
stay at a foreign institution during periods
mentioned. Professors in the program will support the obtaining of
funding. The chosen Research Centre will be disabled in the
theme of research work. The academic program Committee
PhD. establish appropriate administrative formalities. This
activity will be actively promoted by all the teams of
research, taking advantage of collaborative research
established and international relations of all groups
included in the proposal.
40 hours. All the students in the program must, at least, assist
at a Conference, symposium or national or international scientific meeting
epidemiology, public health, medical or surgical, Sciences
presenting scientific communications. This activity can be
validated for implementers a stay abroad, but
It will be mandatory for the rest. The activity will take place in the two
last years of the Phd doctorate (three last if part-time) program.
Presentation, at least, of a oral communication or poster (or poster).
40 hours. During the second quarter of the third year (first of the)
Fifth annuity if it is on time partial), each student must
present before a Commission of professors of the program, a synthesis
of the status of its investigation. Extension 30-50 pages. The report must
contain the fundamental results of the thesis.
They should at least attend 5 presentations
of research reports during the
time spent in the program of the
PhD. These 5 presentations can
include both defenses of the first report of
research as of the report of
monitoring (including their own).
PUBLICATIONS50 hours. Since the first annuity the activities incorporate the
component of dissemination of research results. During
the last two years of the programme (3 Yes full-time part-time) is
It will assess the individual or collective publication of the first results
the research. This publication is independent of the drafting of
Scientific articles that has been described as a cross-cutting activity in the
first annuity.
Admission of the article for publication or
edited publication, which will be equivalent to 50
hours of this activity.

The writing of the brief article
shall be equivalent to 50 hours of this activity.
20 hours. Once the period for the preparation of the
program, each student must present to histutor and two
professors in the program related to the line of research report of
thesis. Precondition for authorization for reading and
defence of the thesis. The assistance will be public and other doctoral students
they may participate in the debate.
Call and registration.

16) How do I leave proof of activities that I do?
You must register all your activities in your application of monitoring of the programme, through your identified access, application, giving them high in the section “document of activities”. First you have to register them, and then have to mark them as “done”. Your Tutor/Director, once marked as “done”, must validate all these activities through his/her identified access, in the same application.

17) What kind of activities are considered valid to be taken into account in the program?
They are considered valid assistance to seminars (both organized specifically by the programme and the external if they are considered relevant for the formation by the thesis director), attending clinical sessions, congresses, conferences, publications, or any other activity, always that recommended by the program or are directly related to the line of research that is being developed in each case and will be accepted by the director of the thesis.

18) Can I propose activities?
Of course, you must include your proposals in the implementation of follow-up. Tutor or director will have to validate them.

19) What other issues do I have in mind with regard to my thesis project?
You must present in public (in the same way that the research plans) an annual monitoring report.

The research report should serve to prove that the tasks and goals envisaged in the research plan are running properly. This report will consist of, at least the following parts:

a) Brief statement of the objectives of research and of the planned tasks.
b) Main results achieved.
c) Difficulties and limitations encountered, as well as the proposed solutions.
d) Description of tasks and timetable for outstanding research.
20) What are the functions of tutors, directors and the Academic Program Committee?
Functions are collected in the regulations:

The Tutor must validate activities that Phd doctoral students are doing, and must make an annual report covering both those activities and progress on the flat researcher.

He must guide the PhD student in all matters relating to the program.

The Director must validate activities that Phd doctoral students are doing, and must make an annual report covering both those activities and progress on the researcher field.

He must also guide the Phd student in all matters relating to the investigation.

All the steps are performed through a computing platform that can be accessed in the following way:

1) Visit the UMH website:
2) Press the button:
3) Identify by the user of the UMH (UMH email is the text which goes before, and if you don’t have mail of UMH are ID – without the letter numbers), and password that provides you the UMH (if the password is not known please contact Computer Services of UMH – Tel. (34 96 665 85 82). If there is any problem please contact Joaquín García (Tel 34 96 591 95 06).
4) Once access to the profile, should seek the “Doctorates follow-up” link.
5) Click that link and enter the application.
6) Once inside you have to press “Search”.
7) It will be shown the information of Phd students who directs or tutorize, and by clicking the ID of any of them shall enter in the record of that candidate.
8) In that file you can see the Research Plan, validate activities and perform the relevant reports.
9) All the activities proposed by the program as “mandatory” have the proper control of presence, available on the Secretary of the Dept. of Public Health, History of Science and Gynecology. They are available from the administrative Joaquín García ( Also managers and tutors, will be sent periodically those lists to all email. Other activities that introduce Phd doctoral students must take responsibility, as to prove its veracity, the directors/tutors, by means of obtaining any type of accreditation by Phd doctoral students.
10) If you have any questions regarding the operation of the application or in the terms of the validation activities, etc., please contact with Joaquín García (Tel. 34 96 591 95 06).

We summarize some of the steps that must be carried out:

  • Assignment of tutor and thesis director within a maximum period of one month from the date of registration of the student. The task must be performed by the Academic Committee of the PhD program.
  • Incorporate the Research Plan within a period of 3 months from the assignment of a tutor and supervisor. The task must be performed by the Phd student.
  • Validate the Research Plan within a period of 15 days to 3 months from the assignment of a tutor and thesis director. The task must be performed by the Tutor or the Thesis Director.
  • Create, modify, and noted as the built-in activities. The task must be performed by the Phd student.
  • Create, modify, delete and validate the activities to be performed by the student. The task must be performed by the Tutor and the Thesis Director.
  • Attach annual report within a period of 15 days before completed one year since the registration of the Phd student. The task must be performed by the Tutor and Thesis Director. (There is a model of established report).
  • Attach the annual report from the year of tuition for the Phd student. The task must be performed by the Academic Committee of the PhD program. (There is a model in the application).
  • Resolve requests on the control of permanence of students. The task must be performed by the Academic Commission of the PhD program.

21) What should I do when it has finished the dissertation?

You must present your thesis proposal in public (in the same way that research plans and follow-up reports).
The presentation of the previous report to the reading will be presented as follows:

– Firstly, it will make a very brief description of the subject of research and if failed to execute the research as planned.
– You will recall the objectives that had been raised and the basic elements of the design.
– It will present the most outstanding results saying explicitly that they add to the knowledge available, arguing the reasons for what may be classified as innovators. It indicates that communications or publications has made the results or what is planned, indicating the title of each of them (although it is not a thesis for items, this section is essential).
– It will finish indicating the most significant limitations of results and noting what practical implications have (if it’s basic research it should be noted what step has been made in the knowledge available and which steps are to give).

The available time is 15 minutes. With a week’s notice should have been given relevant documents: a brief report of the closure of the investigation stating the execution or not as planned, its justification and changes (no more than 800 words); a summary of the dissertation (5,000 words) with the following sections:

1) background and justification
2) objectives and assumptions
3) material and methods
4) main results
5) motivation of the innovation that results in relation to the knowledge available
6) communications and publications carried out or planned including titles and authors
7) most relevant conclusions and noteworthy limitations
8) practical implications of the results and steps of implementation or research.

Doctoral students are reminded defense of the thesis process will not start until you have completed the training activities set out in the official program. In particular must have participated in 16 PhD (with active participation in at least 4) seminars or in equivalent activities that must be certified by the Director of the thesis. The same must be attending at least 80 submissions of research plans or tracking reports. Assistance certifies them the Academic Committee according to attendance sheets.

Other activities, which must be certified by the Director of the thesis are the following:

1) Attendance at conferences, workshops or congresses organized by the departments of the programme (equivalent 60 hours).
2) Writing an essay or short review related to the thesis and susceptible of being published.
3) Participation in at least one conference or similar to presenting a scientific communication or poster.
4) Participation in 2 previous reports of Defense presentations.

Finally, acceptance of articles in the the thesis that can replace activities 2 and 3 is valued in the evaluation of training activities.

Once approved thesis proposal will begin the paperwork for its defense, which consist of:

1) External evaluation
(the Director will propose 5 UMH external doctors, there can be 2 or not from the same centre). The PhD Committee shall elect three of them. It will send them a draft of the thesis together with an evaluation form will be returned to the Dept. of Public Health, History of Science, and Gynecology. Once received, if the three reports are favorable and not to propose changes in the thesis, they sent to the doctorate Commission that it authorize the deposit.
2) Deposit thesis.
The Phd student must deposit at least 9 copies final thesis (can be done in any of the general or auxiliary records of the UMH. There is one on each campus). The registry it will stay a copy and will return 8 to the Phd student. You must deliver these 8 items in the Department of Public Health, History of Science, and Gynecology.
3) Proposal for the Examining Board.
The Director will propose 10 members to the Tribunal, all doctors, could not have more than two of a heart. The doctoral Committee will select 5 members and 2 alternates. Once appointed the Court Department of Public Health, History of Science and Gynecology will send a copy of the thesis to each one of them (the remaining specimen is on deposit with the Department).
4) Call for date.
Reading will be convened by the President of the Examining Board. From the Department of Public Health, History of Science and Gynaecology will be in contact with all members to facilitate the movement, accommodation, etc.