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ECOES UMH Medicina


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About 100 students have attended the ECOE of the Universidty Miguel Hernández (UMH). It’s the global test of Clinical Objective Clinical and Structured Assessment ECOE UMH organised for the second time in the Department of Clinical Medicine UMH.

What is the global test Objective Clinical and Structured Assessment ECOE UMH about?

This is an example of the tests held in 2016.

The tests were composed of activities simulating real clinical situations. There were different types:

  • simulated patients, mannequins,
  • structured questions,
  • test images
  • and medical records.

The strength of the ECOE in the UMH is the rigor, objectivity and the joint assessment of medical competence. And also, the Clinical Objective Clinical and Structured Assessment presents a form of analysis, valuation and feedback between student-patient-professor.

Doctor patient ECOE UMH

The purpose of these tests is to detect strengths, opportunities, self-assessment and weaknesses.

How many students have participated in the ECOE UMH in 2016-17?

Near 115 students of sixth course of the degree of Medicine recently participated in these tests. The ECOE took place the weekend from 9 to 11 June in the University Hospital of Sant Joan d’Alacant (HUSJ).


UMH ECOE students Hospital San Juan Alicante

Mainly, students attended two-wheel of 23 stations. The next day was one of the 22 stations. Participants, must necessarily overcome the ECOE to finish the studies of the degree in Medicine.

Who are responsible for coordinating the ECOE at UMH Medicine?

Two professors from the Faculty of Medicine of the UMH were responsible for coordinating the tests. On the one hand, Antonio Compañ, dean and professor of the faculty. On the other hand, the professor of the Department of Clinical Medicine UMH, José Manuel Ramos.

Jose Manuel Ramos Rincón Clinical Medicine ECOE UMH


What is the main objective of these tests in the degree of UMH Medicine?

The purpose of these tests is focused on becoming guidelines to students. As well as how to plan training needs.It is intended to strengthen the identity and belonging within the medical collective in the future. Students will credit it after they finish, the competences in:
  • anmnesis
  • physical examination
  • diagnostic and therapeutic management
  • skills and communication techniques
  • health education
  • relations between professionals
  • Bioethics

ECOE student thread surgery

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