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Eliseo Pascual EULAR award rheumatology


By: | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | March 22nd, 2016

Recently, the Federation of European societies of Rheumatology (EULAR) has granted to Eliseo Pacual Gómez, the “EULAR award distinguished service 2016”.

What is about the received Eliseo Pascual EULAR award by the Federation of European Societies of Rheumatology?

The emeritus and chair professor of the Department of Clinical Medicine University Miguel Hernández (UMH) has received this award for his important teaching contributions by means of a course for the localization of micro-crystals in liquid joint offered during the annual EULAR Congress. In addition, the deserved award is also for his extensive medical and professional career. The award to distinguished service EULAR 2016 “is the maximum award presented by this society”.

What is the contribution of Eliseo Pascual EULAR award by the Federation of European Societies of Rheumatology?

Eliseo Pascual Gómez has contributed and represented to the SER (Spanish Society of Rheumatology) from the beginning, to the achievement of the EULAR Congress, through an educational section.

You can get more information about Professor Eliseo Pascual Gómez through his teaching info UMH.

Professor Eliseo Pascual is one of professional medical experts today in the treatment of gout disease. Several scientific publications and studies have been performed so far with satisfactory results about gout and one of the leading worldwide is the professor of Medicine of the UMH Eliseo Pascual Gómez.

You can also get further information about the professor in Medicine of the UMH on his professional tab

Currently, professor Eliseo Pascual Gómez teaches online on different subjects of the University Official Master’s Degree in Emergency Medicine at University Miguel Hernández of Elche (Spain). He also manages and continues with his wide careeer in Medicine and Rheumatology all around the world and background as main priority.

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