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Premios Jaime Merino Rotatorios UMH


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The Thursday 8 September professor Jaime Merino made the award for the best video presentation of the Clinical Rotation UMH. This has been the 1st video presentation awards convened between the students of 6th course of Medicine of the Miguel Hernández University.

Jaime Merino and José Miguel Martín Torres UMH

Who has been the awarded at Jaime Merino awards for the best video presentation of the Clinical Rotation UMH?

As already was commented in latest news, the winner video presentation of the Clinical Rotation of the Miguel Hernández University in theedition 2015-2016 fell in the student:

  • José Miguel Martín Torres
  • Duration: 9:54′
  • Clinical Rotation: General University Hospital of Alicante (Spain)
  • Description: Disorders of the cardiovascular system. Where it details a clinical case of a male of 92 years with aortic stenosis, serving of base for an explanation of them clinical and epidemiological features, them findings to the physical exploration and testing diagnostic and the right management of the pathology and of it complications.

Watch the winner video again

The presentation of the student can now be displayed in the YouTube channel of the departament of Clinical Medicine. As well as other video presentation also provided by the student awarded like:

  • José Miguel Martín Torres
  • Duration: 9:56′
  • Clinical Rotation of Psychiatry: General University Hospital of Alicante (Spain)

Watch the video now

What was the act of delivery of the Jaime Merino Awards to the best video presentation of the Clinical Rotation UMH?

It was a single event that took place at 12:30 am in the Sala de Juntas of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the Miguel Hernández University. The event counted with the presence among others of:

Aortic Stenosis watching Clinical Rotation UMH

After watching the video, it was proceeded to the recognition and the award to the student.

What was award for the winner of the contest Jaime Merino videos presentation of the Clinical Rotation I and II of the UMH?

 Jaime Merino congratulated the student and deliver, not only economic, 300 euros, but also a personal recognition. The professor praised the work of José Miguel Martín. Even you encouraged him in a promising future dedication to the teaching Medicine.

Jose Miguel Martín Torres premios Jaime Merino UMH

What is the aim of the video presentations in the students of the Clinical Rotation I and II at the UMH?

The video presentation of the students during the Clinical Rotations become a theory and educational resource. In addition, being available to other students, also can be accessed by professionals in the Health Sciences; even by people interested in medical aspects, etc. It is, therefore, open content makes the level of impact still further. 6th UMH Medicine students can already start thinking about the 2nd Edition that is underway.

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