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Masters Degree Emergency Medicine UMH leaflet


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The next February 11 has been called the meeting Master’s Degree Project in Accident Emergency Medicine UMH at 4:00 pm. The event will be held in the Sala de Juntas of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the UMH. The event has been called the students enrolled in the course of Final Master’s Degree Project (3666) to explain briefly the projects chosen to develop.

Faculty Accident and Emergency Medicine UMH Master's Degree meeting

Who will attend the meeting end of Masters Degree Project Accident and Emergency Medicine UMH?

  • Javier Fernández Sánchez (Deputy Director of the Master’s Degree and Head of the professor of the FMP)
  • Juan Caturla Such (Director of the Master’s Degree)
  • Jose Manuel Ramos Rincón (Head professor)
  • Luis Hernández Blasco (Head professor)
  • Domingo Orozco Beltrán (Head professor)
  • Eliseo Pascual Gómez (Head professor)
  • Ricardo Serrano García (Associate professor)
  • Jesús Rodríguez Marín (Head professor)
  • Paloma Vela Casasempere (Head professor)
  • Bartolomé Pérez Gálvez (Head professor)
  • Jaime Latour Pérez (Head professor)
  • Fernando López Prats (Head professor)
  • Antonio Compañ Rosique (Head professor)
  • José Horga de la Parte (Head professor)
  • Mercedes Juste Ruiz (Head professor)
  • Vicente Gil Guillén (Head professor)
  • Juan José Torres González (Secretary)

What are content to evaluate of Masters Degree Project Accident and Emergency UMH?

The FMP (Final Master’s Degree Project) can be done on a topic proposed by the student or the tutor-Director.
The main functions of the tutor-Director of the FMP are:

  1. Advise and keep track of the process of preparation of the project through the:
    – guidance on the documentary research and literature review,
    – realization of the structure of the project and
    – timing and a gradual revision of the text.
  2. Evaluate the process of preparation of the project, give the go-ahead for the presentation and a report

Structure of the Master’s Degree Project:
The body of the FM Project (not considering Bibliography and other annexes) must have a maximum length of between 10 and 15 pages A4 format, 30-33 lines per page, typography Times New Roman or similar, body 12, line spacing 1,5.
On the other hand, it must conform to the structure of a scientific project.

The project will be organized in the following sections:

I. Home page:
– Academic tutor
Approval of the tutor to present the project and student signature
– Date of presentation

II. Body of the Master’s Degree Project:
Resumen o Abstract
– Summary in Spanish and English of about 200 words
Body of work

Structured as a publication:
– Introduction. Justification of the scientific interest of the topic chosen for the field object. Identification of the problem or the initial hypothesis.
– State of the art. Literature review of the most important works on the subject
– Material and methods
– Results
– Discussion
– Conclusions
– Bibliographic references

Structured as a clinical case or Case report
· Abstract
· Clinical case
· Discussion
· Conclusions

Structured as a review or narrative review
– Objective
– Background and current situation
– Methods: Synthetic review of the findings in the literature from the used databases or other bibliographic searches.
– Discussion
– Conclusions
– Bibliographic references

References within the text will will be by number and in square brackets. References were made to following the standard of Vancouver.
Annexes. If any they should be included, numbered, at the end of the project.
Figures and tables must be integrated into document, next to the place in which are cited, numbered consecutively. The figures or tables should be standing, focused, and composed in Times New Roman, 10 pt.

A research project as the FMP, taking care that it has an individual character, can only be presented by a student. The FMP may be submitted in Spanish, Valencian or Catalan or English.

In the case that during the academic year the student had published an original project (even if it is in press) in an indexed journal like first or second signatory, this project shall be deemed equivalent to FMP, but you will need to present it in faculty.

It will be evaluated in en la Faculty of Medicine of the UMH (Alicante).

The court will be composed by doctor professors of the Master’s Degree in Accident and Emergency Medicine. The courts shall be composed of 3 members and three alternate members selected among professors with doctorate and teaching in the Master’s degree according to the regulations of the UMH TFM. 13932007 RD.
The presentation will take place in about 10 minutes maximum, with 5 minutes more for questions. Originality, methodology, interest in the topic and presentation will be valued.

This presentation will represent, together with the FMP, the 80% of the mark. The rest of the mark (20%) will held according to the proposal of the tutor, based on attitude, fitness and participation in the development of the FMP.

The student has two calls, June, and September, which will be explicitly announced in the calendar of the Master’s Degree at the beginning of the year. It an be found at the following link

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