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The current economic situation threatens the sustainability of universal public healthcare system, as we know it today, hence the concern of health care managers, public administrators and politicians perceived the risk of a model with high levels of utility and fundamental pillar that has been defined as the welfare state.

The majority of experts, argue the need to introduce changes to the current model to make it sustainable aimed at improving the efficiency of the health system and even rating measures of a structural nature that would contribute to the consolidation of the health care model with more or less effort.

Public administration lacks specific training and a body of management doctrine for the posts of Directors of the NHS, equivalent to senior executives in companies despite advocating professionalism in the sector. For this reason, emphasis on the need to professionalize the management of the Administration and in particular, of the health system.



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Faculty of Medicine

Branch of teaching: HEALTH SCIENCES

Credits ECTS: 60

Duration: 1 academic year

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Master's degree in Health Management UMH



Admission list


Faculty of Medicine

Branch of teaching: HEALTH SCIENCES

Mode: blended learning.

Offered vacancies: 26

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Number of registrations

1ª: 42,97
2ª: 68,25
3ª: 68,25
4ª: 68,25

Orientation: Professional

Plan: 2014

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General competences
  • Ability to possess the knowledge of the public and business structure, their differences and laws underpinning it.
  • Ability to know what are the parameters that sustain the Health Care System.
  • Capacity to disseminate the knowledge acquired about the Administration.
  • Ability to lead first level in public administration jobs.
  • Ability to learn the traditional framework of health provision according to the model of public and public-private partnership models.
  • Ability to recognize the different models that work in the Spanish State and other Western countries.
  • Ability to disseminate the knowledge gained on the functioning of the different models.
  • Ability to participate in the design and operation of management models.
  • Ability to meet and evaluate the importance of the budget in public management.
  • Ability to know what are the parameters that sustain the Health Care System.
  • Ability to manage procurement in the legal framework of implementation.
  • Capacity for labour relations in the health service personnel.
  • Capacity of the advances in hospital logistics both in public and private.
  • Ability to recognize models of efficiency in procurement centralized aggregation of purchasing and stock control.
  • Ability to optimize prices by negotiation as well as the rationalization of expenditure.
  • Capacity for the analysis of the variability as well as attendance, assurance and service portfolio.
  • Learn about the general aspects of managerial work in any field.
  • Be able to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the performance of jobs management.
  • Learn about the most common management tools for the direction and management of organizations.
  • Be able to deepen the aspects related to leadership in complex organizations and centres.
  • Know the difficulties involved directing large human groups and mechanisms to deal with.
  • Understand and develop skills of interrelation, management and negotiation, as well as different styles of practice direction.
  • Learn about the importance and implications of the internal and external communication in any organization.
  • Analyze the behavior of businesses in relation to the emergence of new IT.
  • Learn about the importance of marketing in modern times as a tool of management in today’s markets.
  • Know the main systems of quality management in different fields, as well as procedures that allow to evaluate it and secure it at the time.
  • Learn about the importance of the management of data and information for the management of any organization.
Specific competences
  • Ability to recognize and follow the organization and rules of public administration.
  • Ability to recognize and develop the legal basis which ensures the universality, equity, and quality of the National Health System.
  • Ability to learn about the different models of organization throughout the 20th and 21st centuries and its results.
  • Ability to implement necessary changes in a business model to improve performance and results.
  • Ability to learn and evaluate the orientation and content of health policies.
  • Ability to enter business or corporate social responsibility in health organizations.
  • Ability to recognize and apply the model of financing and public provision.
  • Ability to recognize and develop private provision with public funding (public private partnership) models.
  • Capacity to recognize and deepen the knowledge of the administrative concession model called “Valencian model” or ” Alzira model”.
  • Ability to learn and evaluate different management models that work in other regions of Spain and Western countries.
  • Ability to recognize the incorporations of health management business models.
  • Ability to apply the additions of the management model of the functioning of the health institutions of a public character.
  • Ability to recognize and follow the Organization and rules of public administration.
  • Ability to work in team.
  • Ability to apply different business operation models to the field of Public Health.
  • Ability to meet and evaluate the orientation and content of health policies.
  • Ability to disseminate the knowledge acquired about the administration.
  • Ability to analyze administrative situations, selection and provision of jobs.
  • Ability to recognize and apply the model of financing and public provision.
  • Ability to develop structures of shopping as well as models of aggregation of purchasing power.
  • Ability to further rationalization of spending measures.
  • Ability to know the systems of quality assurance and service portfolio.
  • Capacity to implement measures of frequentation and variability.
  • Know the technical qualities of the competent directors to address complex health organizations.
  • Know the human and interrelation qualities needed to address complex health centers.
  • Learn more about the importance of Human Resources in the health system and become familiar with the peculiarities of the management thereof.
  • Be able to develop the management skills that are used in different models of health management.
  • Be able to deepen the knowledge of management tools focused on results.
  • Know the methods to improve the performance and efficiency of human resources in health centres.
  • Be able to develop communication skills in the health system.
  • Deepen the knowledge of the opportunities afforded by the new IT in the health sector at all levels: executives, professionals and citizens.
  • Be able to develop competencies and skills for the knowledge of the systems of management of quality in health centres and different tools for evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Learn about the huge importance of interventions to ensure clinical safety and disseminate them to patients and professionals.
  • Delve into the use of health information systems aimed at facilitating support in decision making as a manager in the health field.



To access the official teachings of the Master will be needed to be in possession of an official Spanish university degree, or one issued by a higher education institution belonging to another State member of the European Union of Higher Education entitling to the teachings of Master access.

Also graduates will access according to educational systems outside the European Union of Higher Education without the approval of their titles, subject to verification by the University that those credited a level of education equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degree and that authorize the country issuing the title access to postgraduate teachings. Access by this route does not imply, in any case, the approval of the previous title that is in possession, the person concerned, or his recognition to other effects than the study the teachings of Master.


The institution responsible for the admission process will be the Master Council, responsible for the assessment of the progress and outcomes of learning the students.

Admission process:

The Council shall appoint an academic Committee, constituted by the Director, the Deputy Director of the Master and 3 teachers chosen by and among the professors of the master.

Assessment of merit for admission:
– Academic record (45).
– Health care work as professional developed by the student in the subject area of the master (55).

A plus specially developed activities in management positions will be considered. Plus the working time and level of responsibility. Reserves 15 places for students without experience in management to give opportunity to interested parties to start in this professional field.

The learning process made recommendable the knowledge of English, at least at the level of reading and Basic expression.


The Master’s Degree in Health Management 2016-2017 calendar

1. Public Administration and Company
START: 03-10-2016
END: 10-21-2016
Forum: 17/10/2016 to 19/10/2016
Exam: 20-21 October 2016 *

2. Management models
START: 24-10-2016
END: 11-11-2016
Forum: 11/02/2016 to the 2016-11-04
PROJECT: Deadline 24 HR. from 11/11/2016

3. Leadership role
START: 14-11-2016
END: 02-12-2016
Forum: 11/22/2016 to 24/11/201 6
Exam: 1 and 2 December 2016 *

4. Essential aspects to the directive function in the health sector
START: 05-12-2016
END: 05-01-2017
Forum: 13/12/2016 to 15/12/2016
Project:  Deadline up to 24 hours from 05/01/2017

5. Budget and Recruitment
START: 09-01-2017
END: 20-01-2017
Forum: 17/01/2017 to 19/01/2017
PROJECT: Deadline 24 hours from 20/01/2017

6. Procurement management
START: 23-01-2017
END: 10-02-2017
Forum: 31/01/2017 to 02/02/2017
Review: 09 and February 10, 2017 *

7. Organizational Clinical Management
START: 13-02-2017
END: 03-03-2017
Forum: 21/02/2017 to 23/02/2017
Review: 2 and March 3, 2017 *

8. Clinical Care Management
START: 06-03-2017
END: 24-03-2017
Forum: 14/03/2017 to 16/03/2017
Review: 23 and March 24, 2017 *


1. Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis in Management
HOME: 27-03-2017
END: 23-04-2017
WORK: Review. Deadline 24 hours from 23/04/2017

2 Validation of Questionnaires
START: 24-04-2017
END: 12-05-2017
Review: 11 and may 12, 2017 *

3 Biostatistics
START: 15-05-2017
END: 02-06-2017
Review: 1 and June 2, 2017 *

1. Project research (Master’s degree thesis)
START: 01-02-2017 (*)
END TUTORING: 23-06-2017

TFM: PRESENTATION 08-07-2017 (*) (Two calls. July and September)

(**) Instead of a review the research protocol, Final Master’s degree project, the students will develop it and will be tutored. It will begin in February with the allocation of tutors once the subject of budget and hiring and it will be assigned a tutor for the development of Master’s degree final project and the deadline to submit the documents with the approval of the assigned tutor will be June 30, 2017.

Module 1-Friday, December 02. 16-20 h. Campus of San Juan. Assembly Hall. Building Severo Ochoa.
Module 2-Friday, February 03. 16-20 h. Campus of San Juan. Assembly Hall. Building Severo Ochoa.
Module 3-Friday, March 10. 16-20 h. Campus of San Juan. Assembly Hall. Building Severo Ochoa.
Module 4-Friday, May 05. 16-20 h. Campus of San Juan. Assembly Hall. Building Severo Ochoa.
(***) The presentation of the final Master’s degree project will be face-to-face at the University Miguel Hernández. Day 8 of July 2017. 2 calls for proposals in July and September.