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Proyecto de cooperación Ruanda UMH


By: | Tags: , , , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | July 19th, 2017

“Preventing infectious diseases in Rwanda” was organized talk from the Chair Headquarters UMH and addressed to the participants in the volunteer program of the University Miguel Hernández.

The last Wednesday, June 21 took place the Conference on Infectious diseases.

Who organized the talk on preventing infectious diseases in Rwanda UMH?

Felix Gutiérrez Rodero Clinical Medicine UMH preventing infectious diseases

Both have been responsible for provide speech during these sessions with target Rwanda.

You can read the news of this call in Diario Información.

What were the key points of the talk on preventing infectious diseases in Rwanda UMH?

The aim of the meeting was to remind members of the University community preventive measures to take to ensure their health. This day complements, specifically, information provided to volunteers. The selected UMH students have first making contact with preventive measures faced with the new challenge. Before, procedures, during and after their stay, will be key in health. All selected students who will travel this year to Africa have, therefore, of key resources for their stay safely.

Cooperation Ruanda UMH Preventing infectious diseases

Since when was carried out the project of cooperation of Rwanda at UMH?

From 2011, the UMH sent, through the Vice-Rectorate for International Relations, a group of volunteers to Rwanda. The main task is, not only to respond to the needs of the structures where it acts, but also integrate the University community into life and reality of the African country.

The tasks of coordination of the Cooperative project of Rwanda have been coordinated by:

During 2017 they will travel on 3 groups of 8 volunteers throughout July, August and Septembe. The stay have a duration of 4 weeks. These students may be introduced in different fields of the UMH development cooperation programme:

  • socio-health care,
  • teaching support,
  • staff training

The UMH Rwanda cooperation programme is the result of the action of the institutions in the city of Nemba (Rwanda). This is already the 7th Edition of the call for travel bags, so that members of the UMH:

  • students,
  • alumni,
  • PDI
  • PAS

collaborate with the institutional Chair UMH headquarters in Rwanda.

You can get further information about UMH cooperation at this link

Volunteering Ruanda UMH Poster

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