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Location: Methodological Advice and New Technologies. University Miguel Hernández of Elche. Campus of San Juan (Alicante, Spain).

Department of Clinical Medicine UMH

Mode: online

Telephone: +34 965  23 37 92


Campus: Clinical Medicine

Field: Health Sciences

Mode: online

Cost: Free

Pre-registration:  01/09/18 to 30/09/18

Enrolment: 01/09/18 to 30/09/18

Duration: 01/10/18 to 30/07/19

Hours: 150

Max students: no limit

Min students: no limit

Website: competenciasprofesionalesparamedicosumh


This Course of professional competences for doctors in the 21st century is an online course that can be followed from anywhere and be performed when desired. It is composed by content not discussed in depth during the studies of the Degree of Medicine. It may be useful to students of Medicine, Medical Interns or Residents (MIR), and even to other medical professionals.

It is useful to students of the last courses of medicine, internal or resident doctors (MIR), and even young medical professionals. The course has the support of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), the Hon. College of Doctors of Alicante (COMA) and the Royal Academy of Medicine of Valencia, stressing its usefulness.

It arises from this platform of the University Miguel Hernández, and it is completely free. It is offered from the Clinical Medicine Department of this University as a course of continuing education, and the authors have decided to not appear. It is expected that the contents were available on the website in October 1, 2018. It will be composed of 35 educational units, which will be inserted sequentially and whose titles are HERE


  • Communicate. Verbal communication and non-verbal.
  • Communication with the patient and their family. The clinical interview.
  • Communication in special situations: giving bad news, the aggressive patient, or the patient who does not cease to be.
  • Communicate in meetings and conferences or congresses. Other ways of communicating: confront, do feedback.
  • Hear, listen, ask and mediate.
  • Teach
  • Learn
  • Investigate
  • Well handle the basic statistics
  • Be responsible, be a good professional
  • Very human being
  • Reinforced in other settings. Empathy, generosity, compassion, and love. Humility and solidarity
  • Your health care provider must be very motivated. Overcoming discouragement and mobbing.
  • The doctor must know well, and also the reality of work. How to improve self.
  • The doctor should maintain a solid ethical principles and use them.
  • Should know to evaluate aging from another angle.
  • Deal well with the end of life. Offer a sweet death, avoiding the therapeutic cruelty.
  • The doctor should know to work well as a team.
  • Involved in shared decision-making.
  • The good doctor must lead.
  • The doctor must enlist intelligent optimism.
  • The doctor must be pro active, act and change.
  • The good doctor must do sound clinical management.
  • Must maintain an attitude and positive vision.
  • The doctor should enjoy their work, be happy with himself, and in his life.
  • Grow experience in the management of the additions to drugs.
  • And also to other socially accepted additions.
  • The doctor should set realistic goals
  • The doctor must learn to overcome the stress.
  • Know what health and illness are, recognize the healthy and the sick.
  • Understanding that it is very rich in life.
  • Show your patients how rich the are
  • Practical exercises
  • Other training Accessories: videos, films, etc.
  • Readings, complementary bibliography.


  • Be more proficient in acquiring the training content that doctors will make
  • Be competent in online learning medicine
  • Have competence in the assessment of the problems of the sick
  • Acquire competence in the resolution of ethical problems with those who will find themselves exercising
  • Have competence when they learn, teach, or research
  • Basic skills in their relationship with the sick
  • To acquire skills in implementing  personal and social values in their profession
  • Appreciate the beauty and importance of the medical profession


As a result, if a student is interested in doing the course, then it can be certified the content that you have made. To do this, you must a face to face exam in the Faculty of Medicine of the Campus of San Juan of Alicante at University Miguel Hernández. Therefore, you will need to register on the web address you indicated and to attend the examination along with verified medical documentation (young doctor or student of the last courses of any Faculty) in person. This exam is composed of 75 questions test. The review will focus on the contents published on this website from October. The course is composed of 35 lessons, whose titles are HERE.

Interested students can carry out the entire course, either to access only the topics that interest them, (in this case they won’t be certified).