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Medical UMH App Security patients


By: | Tags: , , , | Comments: 0 | August 18th, 2015

Several researchers of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche (UMH) have developed a mobile app for improve and increase the safety of the patient in health centres, primary care and community hospitals. The target to which these new medical Apps are, mainly, managers and responsibles for quality of hospitalcomplexes. The daily maintenance of actions, strategies and patient safety is the priority of this device. The new app is characterized as adynamic agenda which contains a series of actions needed in hospitals, in addition to theperiodicity at the time of the intervention. Jose Joaquín Mira, professor of Health psychology and researcher at the UMH, ensures that the application has been developed as part of a research project and funded by the Foundation for the Promotion of Health Research and Biomedical of the Valencian Community (FISABIO).


 How does the new UMH medical app works?

  • The new application displays a list of actions and recommendations on safety of the patient according to categories.
  • The actions are developed based on a timing (quarterly, yearly, etc.)
  • The health manager will oversee control and completion of each of the actions on the basis of objectives and strategies in the safety of the patient in the hospital.
  • The new app will record data and updated information on tasks and activities to be completed.
  • Actions will carry with it a code: “up-to-date”, “scheduled” or “pending”, depending on whether it has been completed in the space and time recommended.
  • The application also generates reports according to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work carried out so far.

What we do with the App UMH medical data?

  • Both the data and reports can be stored privately on the device itself.
  • The application should be used from a single device with an exclusive registration for introduction and access to the patient’s medical data storage.
  • Even the device invites the user to express his opinion about the use and operation of this new app. A series of questions at the beginning of the application and 2 months after use, serve to make a comparison of results and validate the correct use of the app on effective support for the safety of patients.


The company appandabout, based inn the Science Park of UMH, has developed so far the UMH medical app only foriOS.

The new app can download right now from this link

Furthermore, the proper functioning of the app The Steering in the Patient Safety Agenda can be consulted through a video at the following link: here


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