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Miembros Cátedra Cronicidad acuerdo UMH-SEMERGEN


By: | Tags: , , , , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | June 1st, 2018

The Research Chair in chronicity UMH and SEMERGEN has already started walking. Representatives of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the University Miguel Hernández and SEMERGEN have strengthened links in the creation of this recent study.

Who are responsible for the Research Chair in chronicity UMH and SEMERGEN agreement?

Both representatives of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, as the Medical Society of Primary Care have been responsible to carry out the agreement.

The two highest academic and medical authorities, have signed the convention of the Research Chair in chronicity SEMERGEN-UMH.

The rector of the UMH and the head of SEMERGEN signed the agreement for the next Research Chair in chronicity UMH-SEMERGEN

What are the objectives of the Research Chair in chronicity UMH and SEMERGEN?

The general objectives of this new Chair are:

  • training,
  • research,
  • development and
  • the transfer of knowledge in the field of health, chronic

All through the implementation of training activities and research. As well as the holding of seminars and informative workshops of interest. Mainly about chronicity from the perspective of Primary Care.

Who attended the signing of the Research chair in chronicity UMH and SEMERGEN?

The sign, also attended, the Vice president for research and innovation of the UMH, Manuel Jordan Vidal. The director of the Chair, Felipe Navarro and on behalf of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the UMH. The secretary of SEMERGEN, Rafael M. Micó,and Secretary of SEMERGEN Valencia, Javier Sanz.

In the words of its boosters, “This Chair owes its importance to the role main character who acquire the chronic in the national health system, since 80% of primary care consultations are due to chronic illnesses”.

On the other hand, José Luis Llisterri, president of SEMERGEN, has emphasized different topics. On the one hand, the required prominence to teaching Primary Care must be purchased. Especially in the university through the degree in Medicine. As commented, “approximately 27% of the vacancies that are offered in the MIR are designated for family and community medicine. “A large percentage that drives us to work to increase the presence of the specialty in the academic field and promote the provision of knowledge and skills between students on primary care”.

The Research chair in chronicity UMH and SEMEMERGEN is required by its implications for the first level of care. And again, but, it is also by leading role acquired chronic diseases in the Spanish National Health System (SNHS) by the progressive aging of the population.
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