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Comida homenaje al profesor Jaime Merino UMH


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Last Thursday October 6 at 3:00 pm. took place the Tribute to professor Jaime Merino. After an extensive career both medical as teaching, the professor of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the UMH was surrounded of family, friends and colleagues of the profession.

Tribute to professor Jaime Merino speech

How arose the idea of organizing an act of tribute to professor Jaime Merino?

The event dedicated to the professor Jaime Merino Sánchez took place in the Los Olivos Restaurant, located in the Complex of Previsión Sanitaria Nacional in San Juan de Alicante (Spain).

Tribute to professor Jaime Merino friends

The emotive initiative was promoted and organized from the department of Clinical Medicine of the UMH, mainly by:

Tribute to Jaime Merino secretary UMH

What was the act of tribute to professor Jaime Merino about?

In a pleasant environment, next to the Campus of San Juan (Alicante), was lived and shared moments endearing among them there present. To the food tribute came old students, personal teaching researcher, the director of the department, the deputy director and the Secretary, PAS, friends, colleagues of Medicine:

Tribute to professor Jaime-Merino Alicante

  • Javier Fernández, Antonio Picó, Juan Caturla, Ernesto Cortés, Felipe Navarro, María Guardiola, Félix Gutiérrez Rodero, Esther Caparrós, Concepción Carratalá, Domingo Orozco, Bartolomé Pérez Gálvez, Reyes Pascual, Mª Teresa González, Jose Manuel Ramos Rincón, among others.

To the end the evening and after a series of speeches from colleagues, he received a present. Due to his of a career professional and personal, Professor Jaime Merino, with his laptop in his hands, he extolled the medical profession. Also, ripped smiles with some sincere words on his family, friends and the medicine collegues, putting brooch of gold to a day to remember. Among the speeches of the there present stressed the of Mª José Blasco. The Secretary of the Department, together with a representative of the SEMI Spanish Society of Internal Medicine, the director of the Department of Clinical Medicine Javier Fernández Sánchez, etc.

Tribute to professor Jaime Merino meal

Who came to the tribute, along with different students that passed by their classes always will remember his words, his experiences and his great motivation by form not only good professional medical but best people.

Congratulations Dr. Merino!.

“Thank you for all these years of learning in life”

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