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Medicina laboratorio la UMH y FISABIO


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The UMH and FISABIO are involved in Primary Care Research in the Health Department Alicante – Sant Joan d’Alacant. On this occasion, it has been the University Miguel Hernández which has signed the agreement.

What is the main objective of the UMH and FISABIO collaboration on research in Primary Care at the Department of Health of Alicante-Sant Joan?

Mainly, the real objective is the joint work of both institutions, UMH and FISABIO in the research of AP. research basically, the collaboration focuses on:

  • research in Primary Care at the Department of Health Alicante-Sant Joan d’Alacant
  • strengthen the collaboration agreement with the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche and the Foundation for the Promotion of the Health research and biomedical de la Comunitat Valenciana (FISABIO).
University Hospital of Sant Joan of Alicante

The purpose of both institutions is, in short, to encourage research in the area of Primary Health care. In addition, to doing so in the research career of health workers; As well as at this level of care. Together with the direct application of the knowledge generated by the research, offering to the patients a better attention.

What are the institutions of the UMH and FISABIO that have established collaboration in Primary Care research?

Basically, it has been formalized through the Chair of Research in Chronicity and the group Calitè Research on quality and safety of the patient. In this case, FISABIO is in charge of managing the research in the area of evaluation and health services from the Department of Health Alicante-Sant Joan of Alicante.

In addition, they also are part of the collaborative project:

One of the important objectives could be summarized in:

  • share their projects and resources to implement solutions based on new technologies;
  • telemedicine, achieving greater involvement of the patient in self-care;
  • best care and optimal clinical results, mainly with patients with cardiometabolic diseases.
Domingo Orozco second award Family Medicine

What is the specific progress of the UMH and FISABIO in Primary Care research about?

Essentially, the development of new digital applications. Its objective is none other that provide close support to people in the care of family members. In this case refers to non-professional carers. Also, support career advancement in research of primary care doctors.

In addition, they seek to develop new digital applications to provide support closer to the people who care for a family member. Above all, informal carers, as well as supporting the professional career in the field of research of primary care professionals. Mainly, from the Department of Health Hospital, both with the development of research or innovation projects. In order to answer questions of the doctors, as for the preparation of Ph Doctoral theses in the field of Primary Care.

In addition, some of the integral actions to that they will develop are focused on:

  • encourage the creation of new research groups. Basically, to be able to attend calls for funding of agencies European, national or regional, public or private or entities to research awards in the area of clinical management,
  •  methodologically support to increase the dissemination of research results in national and international conferences and in scientific journals.

What will be the actions to be developed by the UMH and FISABIO in Primary Care research?

According to the mentioned above, different actions referred to enhance the research and put the results into practice. Mainly, to resident doctors in Family Medicine. The organization of seminars, conferences, and advances in AP will contribute to its improvement.

What professionals are who coordinate the progress between the UMH and FISABIO in Primary Care?

Vicente Gil Guillén Atención Primaria La UMH y FISABIO Atención Primaria

Basically, the Group’s actions will be directed comprehensively by different professionals of the health sector:

María Virtudes Pérez Jover, professor of the Department of Health Psychology of the UMH and Director of the Calitè Group of University Research

Vicente Francisco Gil Guillén, chair professor of the Department of Clinical Medicine of the UMH and Co-Director of the Research Chair in Chronicity,

José Joaquín Mira, professor of the Department of Health Psychology and main investigator of the Group’s Excellence in research VTQXFUOUY – 173,

Domingo Orozco, professor at the Department of Clinical Medicine and Co-Director of the Department of Family Medicine

Domingo Orozco second award Family Medicine

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