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Convenio UMH Hospital Vinalopó Deporte


By: | Tags: , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | March 4th, 2016

Recently Miguel Hernández University (UMH) next to the University Hospital of Vinalopó in Elche have carried out thesigning of a contract of activities of technological support, focused mainly on the development of a activity and physical exercise program for children with overweight.

Food obesity and overweight children image

What is the physical activity program for children with overweight among the UMH and the Hospital del Vinalopó?

This program, known as ESPORTUSALUD-UMH is scheduled for 6 months, in 2 weekly sessions of 1 hour duration, where it will try to improve the physical condition and health of children through sports activities. It will also increase their motivation and desire to do physical activities on a regular basis.

The Convention has been signed by Francisco Moreno, Vice-Rector of the UMH and David González-Cutre, professor of that University, within the staff of the Hospital of Vinalopó in Elche city.

What were the results of the physical activity program for children with overweight among the UMH and the Hospital of Vinalopó?

David González-Cutre, professor of the Research of the UMH Sport Centre and director of the program, confirms that it is co-financed between the families of the children and the hospital. This year it celebrates the Second Edition. The first participation had 26 children, ages between 6 and 13 years, obtaining positive results. Basically it was discovered:

  • a significant decline in Body Mass Index(BMI),
  • the percentage of body fat and
  • waist perimeter,
  • as well as an improvement in strength of upper limbs and
  • motor capacity.

Children playing sport image

In addition, improvements were considered, although to a lesser extent, in the waist perimeter, force of the lower limbs, flexibility, aerobic capacity, etc. Families exposed a high degree of satisfaction by the active participation of children in the program of physical activity.

What were the main numbres of the physical activity program for children with overweight among the UMH and the Hospital of Vinalopó?

This second edition included a greater number of participants, near 41, and has increased the collaboration the multidisciplinary team of the University Hospital of Vinalopó by the above-mentioned agreement.

As some signatories comment, several scientific evidence showing that physical activity is a key element for the prevention and treatment of different pathologies are visible. However, since the health system there is a clear strength in terms of the numbers of investment in such programs. Therefore, the signing of this contract allows you to set a first step to prescribe exercise from health centres and have sports science professionals in the short term for the performance of those functions, as required in the sector for some years.

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