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Units: Clinical Medicine


Location: University Miguel Hernández de Elche.
Campus of San Juan (Alicante).

Department of Clinical Medicine UMH

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PhD Secretary

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Teaching centre: Clinical Medicine

Branch of education: Health Sciences

Pre-registration:  07/07/17 to 30/11/17

Enrolment: 17/07/17 a 30/11/17

Duration: 02/10/17 to 30/06/18

Hours: 150

Max students: 100

Min students: 75

Website: investigacionclinicapredoctoralumh


This TRAINING COURSE OF PREDOCTORAL CLINICAL RESEARCH UMH. II EDITION is aimed at the preparation for the PhD Doctorate in public health, medical and surgical sciences, as well as to the updating and deepening of knowledge in the field of research in Health Sciences.

It is aimed to complement Health Sciences degree studies, as well as the investigation of the UMH University master’s degree, preparing the student to continue his research period at the PhD doctorate.


Academic justification

This course of improvement is addressed to the preparation for the PhD Doctorate in Public Health, Medical and Surgical Sciences, as well as to the update and deepening of knowledge in the field of the research in Health Sciences.
It is aimed to complement health sciences degree studies, as well as the research of the UMH University master’s degree, preparing the student to continue his research period at the Phd Doctorate.

The students will acquire the following skills:

General competencies:

– Demonstrate a competency in the mastery of the skills and methods of research related to the field of Medicine.
– Demonstrate the ability to conceive, design and implement a research process.
– Be able to carry out a critical analysis of published scientific literature.
– Communicate with their colleagues, with the academic community in its joint and with the society in general about their areas of knowledge.
– Carry out at least one publication (at national or international level) through original research.

Specific skills:

– Access to scientific literature, data bases, documentary sources and information of high level in Clinical Medicine and related areas.
– Design and plan a project that addresses the problem to investigate for submit it to evaluation by committees of ethics, as well as of evaluation and funding of the research.
– Collect, sort and classify data and research materials whether in the form of documents, records, questionnaires, results of experimental tests, etc.
– Communicate results and disseminate the knowledge generated to healthcare professionals / ACE, as well as to a non-specialised public, using written, oral and graphic media.
– Represent the quality of publication data.
– Handle with ease and to level expert them tools of information of search in Sciences of the health more important today day available, from the databases commercial to them different types of tools of search available on the Internet.
– To acquire knowledge and skills needed to carry out the preparation and presentation of applications for funding of R&D d projects, as well as the dissemination of the results of the same.
– Have ability to communicate effectively the results of research.
– Have ability to participate in meetings of specific advanced research.

Objectives of the course

The General objectives of the course are:

-Develop knowledge and skills to finish publishing the research process in the field of health/disease.
-To promote the application of methodologies for the dissemination and publication of research carried out by students.

Structure of the studies

Academic load:

This course has a duration of 6 ECTS credits of research training, and is composed by the following subjects, which will have to be registered in 2 of them:

– Plan of PhD Doctorate research (3 credits)
– Report of research (3 credits)
– Follow-up report on research and participation in conferences, symposia and other scientific meetings (3 credits)
– Publications of a scientific article (3 credits)

For them learning the students will work online with material offered in a web-wordpress blog according to the design standard of the UMH and combined with a server of the UMH Google Drive where files are hosted, shared folders, manage permissions, and forums. The students will find sections with information from the course, news, links, bibliography, teacher, timming, tutorials, videos. This platform allows the student to access the course from anywhere, at any time, as well as having face to face or web tutorials with tutors and professors of methodological support assigned, leading to the publication of the study in a scientific journal.

The tutor’s main functions are:

1.- Advise and keep track of the process of preparation of the work through the:
– Guidance on the documentary research and literature review,
– Realization of the structure of the work and
– Timming and gradual revision of the text.

2 – To assess the process of preparation of the work, give the go-ahead for his presentation and a report.

The the presentation of the publication structure must adapt to the structure of a scientific work:

A) Structured as a publication:
– Introduction. Justification of the scientific interest of the theme chosen for the job object. Identification of the problem or the initial hypothesis.
– State of the art. Literature review of the most important works on the subject
– Material and methods
– Results
– Discussion
– Conclusions
– Bibliographic references

B) Structured as a clinical case or Case Report:
– Abstract
– Clinical case
– Discussion
– Conclusions

C) Structured as a Revision or Narrative Review:
– Objective
– History and current status
– Methods: Synthetic review of the findings found in the literature from the used databases or other bibliographic searches.
– Discussion
– Conclusions
– Bibliographic references

The references within the text will follow an order by number and in square brackets. References were made to following the standard of Vancouver.
Annexes. If there are some of them, they should be included, numbered, at the end of the project.

Figures and tables must be integrated into document, next to the place in which are cited, numbered consecutively. The figures or tables should be standing, focused, and composed in Times New Roman, 10 pt.

The presentation of the publication, taking care in an individual way, may only be submitted by a student, who will present it inSpanish, Valencian/Catalan, or English.

Use of facilities and temporary programming

Teaching online by online platform.
Start of activities: October 2017
End of activities: June 2018


Access and Admission requirements

To access the teachings of this course it will be needed to be in possession of an official Spanish university degree, or one issued by an institution of higher education in the European Union of higher education, which authorize in the exporting country of the university degree for access to Master’s degree.
Likewise, to be able to access the / university degree / as in accordance with educational systems outside the European Union of higher education without the approval of their degrees, subject to verification by the University that those credited a level of education equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degree and that authorize the country issuing the degree access to postgraduate teachings. Access by this way does not imply, in any case, the approval of the previous degree that is in possession the / interested /to, nor their recognition of other effects that this course of development.

I) Number of students
It is considered a reasonable ratio of 2 students/professor, so the number of admitted students may not currently exceed 100 students.

II) Perfil de ingreso:
1) The profile of access characteristic for this course will be of graduates / (degree, Bachelor’s degree, diploma or similar) as in the branch of Health Science: Medicine, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Nursing, Nutrition, Psychology, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, general degree in health-related to Sciences.

III) Selection criteria:
For the admission of students IT will be assessed and scored, by multiplying the points obtained in each of the following items by their weighting, being able to obtain a maximum of 100 points.


A) 30% Accuracy of the qualification to the areas of knowledge of the course:
. Degree in Medicine (10 points)
. Other degrees in Health Sciences (8 points)
. Other qualifications (5 points)

B) 30%. Having carried out a University Master’s Degree of Research of the UMH
– Master’s degree in Research in Clinical Medicine (10 points)
– Master’s degree in Research in Primary Care (8 points)
– Master’s degree in Clinical and Surgical Research (8 points)
– Master’s degree in Medicine in Emergency Medicine (8 points)
– Master Degree in Infectious diseases and International Health (8 points)

C) 10% Personal academic certificate (0-10 points)
D) 20% Curriculum vitae (It will be especially considered English courses, minimum level A2, and statistics) (0 – 10 points)
E) 10% Scientist-professional activities that suit the curriculum proposed in the course (0 – 10 points)

In this process of admission it will be first and foremost a course pre-registration, both in May and in September. Admission and potential selection will take place according to the previous aspects, by the Committee on admission of students, which will be composed by the / the director/a of course, 2 professors and a member of the APS, using the above evaluation criteria, whose composition and results will be published on the website of the university.

The students Admission Commission saisit the Council of course the selection of students based, first of all, on the quality of its own merits presented, according to the criteria of admission and selection previously involved, reserving at least 70% of the squares to holder.


To obtain the diploma of recognition is required the overcoming of the evaluation procedure, which will take into consideration:

Have past 2 subjects and make also a presentation of the publication end target of this course on a topic proposed by the student or the attached candidate.


It will be evaluated IN-PERSON at the Faculty of Medicine of the UMH.

The court will be composed by professors doctors of the Dept. of Clinical Medicine. The courts will be composed of 3 members and three alternate members selected among professors with doctorate and teaching in the degree of UMH (RD 1393 / 2007).

The presentation will take place in 10 minutes maximum, with 5 minutes more for questions. Originality, methodology, interest in the topic and presentation will be valued.

This presentation will represent, together with the publication, the 80% of the mark. The rest of the mark (20%) will be held according to the proposal of the tutor, based on attitude and participation in the development of the work.

The student has two calls, June and September, explicitly announced in the calendar of the course at the beginning.