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Mode: e-Learning

Faculty of Medicine

Teaching centre: Clinical Medicine

Branch of teaching: HEALTH SCIENCES

Pre-registration: 01/12/15 to 01/03/16

Registration: 01/12/16 to 07/03/16

Duration: 01/03/16 to 15/07/16

Registration fee: normal 200 euros

                               reduced 100 euros

Hours: 150

Max. students: 50

Min. students: 26

Specific web: Update Mental Health Child and Adolescent II Edition

IMPORTANT: Documentation for foreign students

Training course in Update on Children’s Mental Health and Teenager

The area of children’s mental health and adolescent has experienced an important development in terms of the creation of units specializing in ambulatory and hospital care, equipped with staff who has followed heterogeneous way of training. At the legislative level, expected the imminent publication of the decree of creation of the specialty of Psychiatry of the Child and the Adolescent.

Both professionals and the institutions where they work are demanding that you carry out specialized training and an update of the same, which result in a better customer service.


General objectives
Provide training in the field of child and youth mental health.

Specific objectives
– Update of the theoretical advances in different psychopathological areas that affect children’s mental health and adolescent.
– Training about interventions used in each area of Psychopathology.


Course aimed at University students or professionals interested in the children’s mental health and adolescent, preferably in the areas of Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, and Occupational Therapy.


The teaching format will be in e-learning mode.

The course includes a total of 150 hours (6 ECTS), distributed between theoretical training (mainly), reading documentation, tasks assigned to each subject, tutoring, self-study and evaluation tests.

Each subject will be given by:

Theoretical classes: didactic units, developed by teachers, which will be available on the course website for reading by the students.

Supplementary reference material: on the website of the Master’s degree, students will benefit from supplementary material of audiovisual material and required reading to broaden the content corresponding to the didactic units.

Tutoring: there will be a tutor for the students through Forum and email.


The course duration is 150 hours (6 ECTS) and will consist of twelve themes:

1. Assessment of Mental Disorder in Pediatric Primary Care.
2. Psychotherapeutic intervention for the anxious disorders.
3. The learning and children’s Mental Health and Adolescent Disorders.
4. Recent advances in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
5. Technologies of information and communication in Mental health.
6. Unstable personality traits: assessment and intervention.
7. Violent behavior in Children and its relationship with Mental Health.
8. The autism spectrum disorders.
9. Clinical features Children of Patients with Severe Mental Disorders.
10. Substance use disorders.
11. Esquizofrenia and early intervention.
12. Eating disorders.


The evaluation of the use of the course, which will enable the student to obtain the corresponding title, will take place through a process of continuous assessment, the final examination type test and a final work.

The evaluation of the performance of students in the course will be made by three complementary systems:

a) Test type exam: conducted online by the end of the course. The note will correspond to the 40% of the final grade for the course.

b) Open questions: per taught subject, the student must answer to a maximum of 5 open response questions, which will be available at the same time that their corresponding teaching unit and complementary material. The weighted obtained equals 20% of the final grade..

c) Final Master’s Project: students will conduct a final work on any of the contents taught in the course. The work must have a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 15 total extension, and may consist of a review of the literature, the exposure of a clinical case or any other content that was previously approved by the direction of the course. The obtained note in this work corresponds to the 40% of the final grade of the course.

The final grade will be determined by the formula: Final Note (0,4*a) + (0,2*b) + (0,4*c). A minimal note of 5 points will be required to obtain the title of the course.


Alejandro Canals Baeza Pediatrician. Coordinator of the Health CENTRE Santa Faz-City Hall. Alicante, Spain.
Tomás José Cantó Diez Psychiatrist. Mental Health Child and Adolescent Unit. San Vicente de el Raspeig (Alicante, Spain).
María Luisa Dorado Martínez Psychiatrist. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service. General University Hospital Gregorio Marañón. Madrid.
Aránzazu Fernández Rivas Psychiatrist. Professor of the Department of Neurosciences of the University of the Basque Country (Spain). Chief of Psychiatry Section Children and Youth of the University Hospital in Basurto (Bilbao).
Cayetana García Quintero Psychologist. Mental Health Child and Adolescent unit. Cabo Huertas (Alicante).
Cristina Gil Almenar Psychologist. Mariano Ribera (Burjassot) Children Re-education Centre. Foundation diagram.
José Manuel Gómez Soriano Software engineer. Professor of the Superior Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante.
Jesús Martí Esquitino Psychologist. UCE Psychiatric Hospital. Murcia.
Francisco Javier Méndez Carrillo Psychologist. Professor at the University of Murcia.
Eva Martín Moreno Clinical University Hospitalof San Juan of Alicante (Spain).
Dolores Moreno Pardillo Psychiatrist. Head of the Unit for Adolescents. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service. General University Hospital Gregorio Marañón. Madrid.
Yolanda Quiles Marcos Contracted Doctor Professor. Department of Psychology of the University Miguel Hernández. Psychologist of the Centre of Emotional Recovery and Food (CREA).
María José Quiles Sebastián Contracted Doctor Professor. Department of Psychology of the University Miguel Hernández. Psychologist of the Centre of Emotional Recovery and Food (CREA).
 Anna María Sans Fito Neuropaediatrician. Coordinator of the Unit of Learning Disorders. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. Barcelona.


Students from the corresponding calendar of events, which will indicate the dates that will be available on the web the relevant didactic units and supplementary material, as well as the questions and test of evaluation of each module will be provided at the beginning of the year.

The course will begin March 1, 2016 and will conclude on June 1. The final works may be submitted until June 15, 2016.


How to make the pre-registration? 

You can pre-enrol by completing the “Pre-registration Form at Training Postgraduate Courses and Continuing Education”, by clicking here. In the drop down box “Type of teaching” should select Development.

The application period starts on December 1, 2015 and concluded on March 1, 2016.

How to enroll?

Once the application period is finished, it will be communicated to students the procedures of registration to be made for short to complete the enrollment process.

In the tuition fee

The registration fee is 200 €uro.


The following types of reductions of the normal registration (limited number) shall be established:

· Students and alumni of the Miguel Hernández University: for those applicants enrolled in the UMH, or that they had previously obtained a Bachelor’s degree, Diploma or Degree in the UMH, the cost of tuition is set to 100 euros.

· Postgraduate Mental Health: students who had previously done the Master in Mental health, or courses of University Specialist in Dual Pathology or Postgraduate Diploma in Psychotherapy. In these cases, tuition is set to 100 euros.


If you need more information about the Training Course in Update on Children’s Mental Health and Teenager, you can contact by telephone with the secretary (María José Blasco) on the phone (+34) 96 591 94 49, or personally with the director of the course (Kristian Naenen Hernani) at the following email address: [email protected]