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Revista Avances en Diabetología portada


By: | Tags: , , , , | Comments: 0 | October 28th, 2015

Domingo Orozco Beltrán, professor of the Official Master’s Degree in Accident and Emergency Medicine, as well as Director of the Official Master’s Degree in Health Management at the UMH, with Ramón Ferrer Penadés, Manuel Aguilar Diosdado, Joan Carles March Cerdá and Antonio Picó Alfonso, have written the article “Key to move towards a more active role by a patient with diabetes mellitus type 2 in Spain”. Recently published in Advances in Diabetology, tries to illustrate how patients aware and active with this disease can contribute to a future solution.

Article available in:


UMH Article in magazine Advances in Diabetology cover

Article written by teachers of UMH on the magazine Advances in Diabetology


Results of the study

The results of the study conclude that diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) is today a serious problem of public health and particularly concerned managers, health professionals and society in general. In addition, the authors of the article say that the existence of patients suffering from DM2 with a dynamic, responsible, active and aware of disease behavior, it helps to future enhancements.

Next to these conclusions it have been established a set of recommendationsagreed by the Active Patient Group and Diabetes (PAyDInet). Among them, the responsible for the article on diabetes establishes:

– to facilitate a multidisciplinary debate that generates ideas and solutions that a person with diabetes mellitus type 2 is still more involved in their own illness and health.

The study working group

The article was developed on the basis to a Working Group PAyDInet with the participation of different actors of the system. The nominal group was the reference to identify and prioritize barriers, facilitators elements, specific initiatives that increase a positive attitude in the care and prevention of patients with diabetes type 2.

Insulin exercise and healthy diet in the diabetic patient image

The study determined an agreement about 3 barriers, facilitators and 3 key initiatives in the achievement of a diabetic patient type 2 more conscious and active in the control of the disease. Along with this, there were 3 the key points established at the end of the study.

  • The structure of the current Health Care System
  • The increase and improvement in the interprofessional coordination
  • The improvement of the education of diabetes in a structured way

The study finishes with a strong commitment of continue moving forward in this regard to locate the diabetic patient as main shaft of this problem. The existence of a conscious, informed and trained person in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 becomes a difficult task that is only achieved through mutual collaboration and strong commitment by all actors involved. Generating debate and the implementation of the set of recommendations by the PAyDInet group allows to provide large approaches as a starting point in diabetes education.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 patient control image


More information about the article in the magazine Advances in Diabetology

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