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UMH medical research and innovation


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The Vice President of Research and Innovation of the University Miguel Hernández (UMH) of Elche (Spain) has recently agreed to the call to research and innovation projects with own funds, in 2016, amounting to close to of 222.000 euros.

Between who several research and innovation projectswith own funds be distributed?

This number will make it possible to virtually a total of 139 researchers and teaching staff of the UMH can choose the set of sponsorship in various forms of study and science.

From the beginning, funds will bedestined to promote different areas of great importance:

  • technology transfer, international mobility of professors and researchers in universities and centres of prestige,
  • the attraction of international talent
  • diffusion of science, technology and innovation projects,
  • in addition to technological innovation projects.

 Medical Research and Innovation projects UMH

At the same time, the Committee on Research of the UMHit convened a meeting at the end of the month of July to carry out the resolution of scholarships of initiation to research, whose goal is to incorporate the most relevant departments and research institutes, academic records of the University Miguel Hernández, UMH.

The main priority of these AIDS with own funds of UMH allows that there is a increased awareness among the various university professionals of the importance of the study and research at the moment of preparing projects and fieldwork of significance. Therefore, continue betting on your investment in the Alicante University makes to be given further consideration regarding the science and studies in a joint way.

Medicine research UMH investment

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