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Aortic stenosis Medicine UMH


By: | Tags: , , , , , , , | Comments: 0 | July 27th, 2016

The Department of Clinical Medicine has revealed the winner the Jaime Merino video contest of the rotatory UMH. The professors Jose Manuel Ramos and Javier Fernández Sánchez, director of the Department, have made public the name of the student and video of rotatory of Medicine I y II that has retrieved the award.

Jaime Merino Video Contest  presentation Hospital of Alicante


What is the name of the winner the Jaime Merino Video contest presentation of the Rotary UMH?

The video presentation of the Clinical Rotary of the University Miguel Hernández winner in the edition 2015-2016 has been:

  • José Miguel Martín Torres
  • Clinical Rotation General University Hospital of Alicante (Spain)
  • Description: Disorders of the cardiovascular system. Detailing a clinical case of a 92 year old male with aortic stenosis, serving as basis for an explanation of the clinical and epidemiological characteristics, finds the physical examination and diagnostic tests and the proper handling of the disease and its complications.

Watch the winner video now

What is the award for the winner the Merino Jaime video contest presentation of the Clinical Rotartion I and II?

The prize was awarded to the best video presentation of Rotation in Medicine UMH will take place during September by professor Jaime Merino. The date is still to be determined.

Winner the Jaime Merino Video contest presentation Hospital of Elche

What are presentations by students of the Clinical Rotation I and II UMH about?

Preview videos of the students of Medicine of the University Miguel Hernández, during the 6th course of Clinical Rotation, are mainly a source of educational and theoretical inspiration. These presentations are not only available to other students, but also professionals in different health areas, people interested in medical aspects, etc. This is the fact that it is open content that makes that the level of impact to be still greater.

What are the hospitals where the UMH students take the Clinical Rotation I and II of Medicine of 6th course?

These pre professional practices in of Clinical Rotation in Medical areas of the University and associated hospitals, besides in Primary Care associate centres. Pursuit of the profession in medical services. Active participation supervised health care activity, medical visits, observation, diagnostic tests, etc. Discussion of clinical cases, differential diagnosis and therapeutic indication. As well as the patient in outpatient follow-up. Strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.

Basically, in 4 of the largest hospital complex in the province of Alicante (Spain), such as:

  • General University Hospital of Alicante (HGUA), Elche (HGUE), Sant Joan d’Alacant (HUSJ) and Virgen de la Salud de Elda (HGUE) in Spain


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